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Internet Marketing | My story

Internet Marketing

I used to meet up with a group of  up and coming new entrepreneurs every Thursday of the month and in one of the sessions , there was this person who told me that his business model does not require him to interact with a customer nor a vendor .  He does  not need to meet or even made a single call to anyone . Out of curiosity , i began this  journey ….. called  Internet Marketing


Internet Marketing | What is the problem ?

The first thing i did was to look up on the internet about Internet Marketing . Lucky me , there are many free on-line courses available . I tried to learn as much as i possibly could , but I soon realise that  a lot of them are no longer true or valid due to rapid  changes that is happening   in the internet world . Furthermore , the problems that I encounter when I try out the methods is simply too many and too huge to be resolved alone .

I tried the next best option which is getting myself enrolled in an Internet Marketing  course . I did a  quick check with my fellow friends who has attended the course . I found out that these courses are not cheap .  I also found out that the success rate is terribly low , between 1% to 5% only . You see , most participants of the course   did not do anything after the end of the course , or had too many problems ,  one after another , which they cannot resolve and therefore unable to move to the next stage .  They have no one to turn to after the course , for their trainers are too busy doing their next course or holidaying somewhere in the pacific ocean . Whatever it is , this is where the problems lie

  • There are plenty of Internet marketing scams out there . They charge you a bomb on something that is readily available in the internet . We just need to look a little harder for the information or having someone to point us in the right direction .
  • Most trainers may not know the subject matter well enough to even answer the questions you have . With the rapid changes in the internet , chances are they are also out of touch with reality . They have  no idea why some software no longer works .
  • Most trainers are unlike the teachers that you see in schools . Most of them are out to “milk” you . Before you earn your first dollar  after the first training , they would want you to attend their advance training . The only reason why they need you is because they have not earned enough from you . As teachers , you would not want your students to try “A” levels when they have not passed their “o” levels , wouldn’t you . So what kind of trainers are these ? You question their motive .

internet marketing


William Arthur Ward quotes …..

The mediocre teacher tells .

The good teacher explains .

The superior teacher demonstrates .

The great teacher inspires


Internet Marketing | What can one do ?

You can certainly do what I did by checking with your trustworthy friends who has attended the very course . Get his/her feedback before enrolling for the course .

  • Check with your friends if they are still into Internet marketing . If they are not , why not ?
  • Ask if   the course meet his/her original objectives .
  • Find out if   the course really worth the value that he /she has  paid for   .
  • Did the course generate the  pay back required  ?  If it did not ,  why not ?

These are very , very important questions that will help you form your own conclusions and eventually , your decisions

Internet Marketing | The Final verdict

Internet marketingDo your own research and don’t believe anyone who wants you to part with your hard earned money  unless he or she is a friend that you trust dearly   .  Don’t even believe what we have mentioned here . Trust your own research and do your own separate and independent  analysis .

If you have finally decided to go for the course , look for credible trainers who put students first and not money . This clarify the intent and motive of the trainers .   Also not forgetting post-course support for you will need them .

So look for trainers who has the passion , willingness to always lend a helping hand and eventually becoming your friend . To  a teacher , every student’s  success matters … the same thing goes for internet marketing

Problem Solving | Visual Thinking


Problem solvingWhat is problem solving through visual thinking ?

When we were young , we showed our kindergarten teachers our drawings of how we see the world around us . We draw our mummies and daddies , our homes , the sun and the flowers which represent the things around us .  We see the world through our eyes and we show others what we see through our drawings . We already have this skill .. our in-born skills , a natural tendency to draw and show others , but somewhere along the way , as we grow up and acquire new (verbal and communication) skills , we put our drawing skills on the back seat .

Sometimes we imagine the flowers or even the butterflies with different colours . We draw and showed to our friends what we think . They look at what we have drawn and therefore understand our ideas and our imagination .

This is visual thinking !! How can we use it to for problem solving ?

Problem solving | our biological tools

Of all the 5 senses that we have (sense of touch , smell , hear , taste and see) , our eyes are probably the most important of all . It is one of our most valuable biological tools . Sometimes after  a short nap  ,when  we look out the window and  notice the sun setting , with the slightly dark sky , we think that  it is probably about 7 in the evening  .  How did we come to know that its about 7 in the evening ? We can make a rough guesstimate by comparing to the things around us and base on our past experience , since it is about to get dark , it is probably around 7 pm .    We can  guess time  and  we can even guess  how much time have passed by just looking out the window.  What if we lose our eyes ? Without our eyes , there will be  a lot of problems that we cannot solve . Unknowingly , we have been doing problem solving with our biological eyes .

Now , let us look at another example . Try explaining the company’s organization chart to a friend verbally . Then compare it with a visual  organization chart . In this particular situation , perhaps after 3 lines of  verbal information , our mind probably freezes up . Its hard to retain the verbal information . However the visual organization chart do away with all the explanation and probably can retain information a lot better .

In the olden days , we have silent movies . We had Charlie Chaplin then and today we have Mr Bean . Notice that the entire show or movies , there is little or no verbal communication , only actions and their  body language  . And yet we laugh for we understand exactly what they were trying to tell us .   This is the power of pictures , and pictures are extremely powerful tools in problem solving .


problem solvingLuckily , our forefathers who lived in caves then , they drew  pictures of  animals . It helps us recognize that at that time they have horses , buffaloes and so forth . Imagine if they had not drawn those picture but instead use some form of written or verbal communication . We probably would have a harder time understanding the types of animals they had then . But with pictures , its so much easier .


Problem solving | Visual thinking revisited

Visual thinking is about using what we already have in all of us , our eyes and our mind’s eyes .  In fact more 50% of ALL the  neurons in our brains are focused on visual processing . That makes our brain a huge image processor and that’s the number ONE thing our brain does  . Every time when we open our  eyes ,  our brains processed images and pictures . So why don’t we capitalize and make full use of this innate ability that we already have , for problem solving  !!

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