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Training courses in Singapore

What is training courses in Singapore about ?

Training courses in Singapore is about a group of trainers providing specialized , focused , targeted and relevant training to both organizations and the general public  .  These courses are actually short term courses that are specially chosen and selected so that  participants stay relevant and enjoy better employability , in the ever changing market environment   .

Training courses in Singapore | Technical skill alone is not enough

In training courses in Singapore , while we understand the importance of technical and core skills  , this alone is not enough . Employers today scout potential candidates that adds value to the organization , for almost everyone has the same technical competencies . So candidates need to have more than just technical skills .  Though Singapore continue to enjoy low unemployment rate , the reality is that the speed of change is so fast and brutal that in the not so distant future , we may have to accept the reality that retrenchment will be  a norm . Take for example Kodak , Yahoo or even the hand-phone maker , Nokia who , just 5 years ago were the technological driver and market leader . Today , in business , it is not about the biggest and largest corporations , but staying relevant to the market is key .

Training courses in Singapore | Singapore’s reputation  in education

Training courses in singaporeWe purposely incorporate  Singapore into training courses in Singapore . Reason is very simple . Singapore has a great reputation as an education hub especially for tertiary education .  The 2 locals universities , National University of Singapore (rank 40) and Nanyang Technological University (rank 169) are among the world’s best  today   [see report] .

There are a few other universities being setup over the last few years , some with foreign universities tie-up such as Digipen of  the United States .  In fact , there are so many universities in Singapore and she offers a large varieties of courses and options in such a small little country , with a population of just 5M people . Singapore has somehow become an education hub in Asia .

Tertiary education aside , in primary education , Singapore has shown tremendous success in the areas of  Science and Mathematics . Today , Singapore Mathematics teaching methodology  has become so popular  in many countries . So indeed , Singapore has a good reputation when it comes to education and training .

Training courses in Singapore | Why Now ?

The arrival on the internet and the education system and structure has a lot to do with this now more than ever . The growth of the internet has certainly made the world smaller and information is readily shared and available around the globe . Our students today , does not like to sit in front of a classroom and bored with what they are forced to learn . They want to learn things that are of interest to them and they don’t like to be forced to learn a certain subject that don’t like  . But our education system are still basically “forced” type , and what has happen is that students starts looking for subjects or topics that are of interest to them on the internet . But the internet does not provide all the required information . Some may be scattered everywhere but some maybe insanely flawed or inaccurate  .

Training courses in Singapore attempt to consolidate information that is vital and key for a particular subject matter which are of interest to the candidates  , public at large or even organizations . Instead of getting information that may no longer be valid , inaccurate or not available at all , the trainers who has been in the industry is able to share and impart this knowledge accurately . Its about the value that we bring to the participants

Another reason is the speed of change . The technological changes and the flexibility to incorporate those changes are key to survival . If organization cannot change fast enough , there will be serious consequences . So many companies come and go , and we certainly want our participants to be able to stay relevant and having a better chance of employability when they needed it most .

Training courses in Singapore | So How ?

As mentioned earlier , training courses in Singapore only focus on a certain skill set , and at the moment , they are as follows

  • Internet marketing . This will allow participants to generate some passive or secondary income . The course will train participants how to set up an on-line business , as well as marketing and promoting products on-line . The internet is here to stay and this business model does not involve high lay out cost with very little business risk
  • Problem solving . This is a life skill since we do problem solving everyday . It’s a matter of whether it is a small , medium or large problems that we are solving .  It is very important to be able to generate good and effective solutions to problems
  • Networking skills . This is one of the most important business skill that will come in handy at times of need , provided that we have “invest” enough of our “core competencies” to others . This is different from socializing as networking skills has a structure , system and objectives unlike socializing . Its not about just “who you know” but also “who knows you”
  • Public speaking skills . This is very important for key position in management other than sales & marketing personnel . It is of paramount importance to be able to speak  accurately and confidently .   The ability to influence ,  drive emotions and rally support is key

Training courses in Singapore | Summary

In a nutshell , the courses that we provide are short term courses . In training courses in Singapore, we  focus on life and business skills that would allow participants to stay relevant and have a better  employability capability  assuming that they already have the technical and core competencies   skills required .

Problem Solving | Mathematics in Singapore

Problem solving

 What has mathematics got to do with problem solving ? Actually a lot , especially in Singapore

Problem solving | Singapore Mathematics

Singapore’s Mathematics  is very known around the world and many countries has started many programs modelling the success of the Singapore story .  This trend started when Mathematics educators start noticing  that  Singapore has been doing extremely well  in both 4th and 8th grades in the Trends in International Math and Science Study (TIMSS) comparison assessments in 1995, 1999, and 2003, and in the top three in 2007 . Solving Mathematical problems is key in learning mathematics

Problem solving | Singapore’s approach to problem solving in mathematics

The Singapore approach uses models such as bars to solve problems . They are sometimes called “bar modeling” or “model drawing” . The use of “modeling” allows the students to handle information better , deal with complexity and at the same time communicate their thoughts using the visual models that they can manipulate . Even complicated worded problems are being broken down into models to ease understanding of the problem .  The Singapore approach in mathematics problem solving allows students to identify relevant information , explore patterns and relationships , make hypothesis and apply the knowledge  and tools to solve a particular problem . [see full report ]

Watch the video below

Problem solving | The back of the napkin approach

Dan Roam’s approach to problem solving through visual thinking is very similar to the Singapore mathematics problem solving in the sense that both make use of “models” to demonstrate complex problems ,  concepts , or things that are abstract . The “models” allows communication between people and  to help understand  the problem better . Information is categorized or patterns identified so that we can establish some form of relationship or coordinates that are crucial to problem solving  . Here is an article about visual thinking in Singapore Mathematics and Dan Roam [see report]

Below are a list of websites showing examples of “models” , drawing of pictures and finding patterns that are adopted in the Singapore mathematics problem solving  .


In a n nutshell , pictures and models are important in problem solving , base on the results  in the Singapore Mathematics .   Students are not only able to retain information longer but the visual aids help to understand a complex problem easier , as seen in the case of complex worded mathematical problems .  It allows better communication and participation which is ideal in a work place .

Problem solving | Use of pictures for communication

Here is another demonstration of how a science teacher uses pictures , in fact cartoons to explain certain theories and to  generate excitement and interest among his students . Meet Singapore Engineer turn Science teacher , Otto Fong during an interview with CNA . See the video below


We use pictures and models to explain , especially when when we try to explain items or issues that cannot be seen , such as gravitational forces , electrons , or things that are abstract , or a  concept  or an architectural  design . So that is why the course “The Back of the napkin” is formulated to address this need . From the results seen ,   we certainly cannot deny the power of pictures in problem solving


Networking | Networking for success


What is the difference between networking and socializing ? Socializing means to interact and mingle with others while networking refers to  the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions;  with the objective of  cultivating a productive relationships for employment or business . Because there is an objective , there is a system and a structure in networking , unlike socializing .

Networking | Your network is your net-worth

We socialize because people are social animals . However  in business , it is very important to network  because your network is your net-worth . It is important to know and be connected to the right people who may open door of opportunities to business which is extremely important . So how do we go about doing it ? People can buy products , information can be source  but relationship needs to be nurtured . And what is in a relationship ? It is about trust , integrity and credibility . If you were to buy a product , wouldn’t you buy a product from someone you know ,  trust and rely on if all else being equal , assuming ?

Networking | It is not about who you know

Actually , in networking ,  it is not about who you know . Who you know is just the first step . More important is whether they know you !! So how does one get someone else to know you , or for that matter remember you ? What  do we have in us that will allow us to be remembered by someone and how do we start and build this relationship that will benefit both eventually ? So we need to establish a method , a process and a system to accomplish this .

Very often this starts by us giving and sharing information that will truly benefit the other party . This can be a business lead , a referral , a tip or lending our core competencies for free . The intent is to make ourselves available to others and of importance over time . Its basically depositing and building our emotional bank account . There will be times when we need to make small  withdrawals .

Networking | Your investment

Most of us spent our time with work and family , leaving very little time to even socialize , not to mention networking . When we socialize or network , its basically with customers and vendors from the same industries . Whenever an industry is affected by some economic events , we realize that our network with people from other industry is very limited . That put us in a very severe disadvantage .

Lets ask ourselves 3 basic questions

  1. Do we agree that  networking is  important ? When was the last time we really network ? Do we know how and was it effective ?
  2. What is the most important investment in  business ? People ? Actually it is YOU !
  3. When was the last time you really invest in yourself ?

In any company , people is the most important asset . In today’s business world , having the technical and core skill is not enough . We need to be equipped with other business skills that we can use and help our very own organization , which in turn sees value in us . So go enroll in courses that will enhance your value and asset , and networking skills is one of the most important business skill that everyone should learn to acquire


Internet Marketing Plugins

In the last 2 months , there are some pretty cool internet marketing plugins that you can use for Internet Marketing . Here are some of them

Internet Marketing plugins | Social Plugins

Internet Marketing pluginsThe “vote” from the social media , such as facebook , twitter , G+ , is the voice to google in regards to the popularity of a particular website . So it is very important for a website to be able to attract traffic from the social media . This in turn also help in Internet marketing effort . There are a few internet marketing plugins to help track social media involvement .

1. getsocial plugin

You will realise that there are many website today that have this small side bar on the left  of a website . To get this plugin , simply search for “getsocial” for this plugin and then configure it to display whatever social media that is needed . metrics plugin

To track how well are the different sources of traffic from the various social media , search for this free plugin “social metrics” and install it . This plugin gives various color codes to the different social media traffic to your websites . There is a paid upgrade version called social metrics pro , if you want to have it , but i think for the moment the free version is more than adequate for Internet marketing .

Internet Marketing plugins | on page SEO plugin

For those who need an on-page SEO , there is a free internet marketing plugin available . Simply search for “WordPress SEO by Yoast” . Once installed the plugin , simply follow the instructions when doing a post or page . Of course , this free version may not be as good as the other paid plugins that i am aware of , but hey …. its free !!

Internet Marketing plugins | E-commerce plugins

Some Internet Marketing may require website setup which needed e-commerce where we need to sell items or thing . These websites will require shopping cart , payment methods , accounts for clients , shipping and of course the items , pricing , inventory controls , etc . There will be some complications when setting up such sites using freebies available on the internet , unless one knows coding to integrate them correctly .

I played with such 2 such internet marketing plugins , e-commerce and jigoshop . The best part is majority of the free available workdpress themes will not work for these 2 plugins unless minor “tweak” is done to the codes . But anyway , my personal assessment is jigoshop has great features and allows relatively easy setup . E-commerce seems to have alot more features but a little bit more complicated than jigoshop . Jigoshop works with these 2 wordpress themes , Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven according to some sources .  I tried with many other wordpress themes with jigoshop plugin but i got into complications . I finally settled with Twenty Eleven wordpress themes . So far so good . You can refer to the unfinished website www.BestArtforSale,net to view .

Though i did not try out e-commerce internet marketing plugins with success , there is one thing good about this e-commerce plugin , which is ,  it integrates with the “all in one SEO” . Sad that i did not manage to try it out . That’s all for Internet Marketing plugins this week









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