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We are a group of individuals who provide training courses particularly in Singapore . Though majority of the trainers has provided training around the globe from nearby countries like Indonesia to as far as South Africa , our primary focus is still in Singapore . The trainers are specialist in their own area of expertise and are very well known in their own circles  . Some are presidents of clubs and some are lecturers in the Universities .

The training courses are targeted towards corporations and the general public . The courses that we provide are courses that we belief are of relative importance not only to corporations but also to an individual  . In today’s highly competitive environment , having  competencies in technical skill is probably not good enough . One needs to have business skill as well to have the added edge or advantage . By having this business skills , an individual can offer and brings value to an organization . A good example would be networking skills where an individual will come to learn not only how to tap onto existing network , but to build and expand his or her  circles of friends . The resourcefulness  and the ability to introduce opportunities for the mutual benefits of both organization and individuals would be very valuable to any organizations   because of the vast network  .

In the area of public speaking , individuals are taught how to think very quickly and speak confidently . This skill is very important for managers who needs to make frequent speeches to employees or subordinates . The course is also targeted towards sales personnel who needs to “pitch” at the right time and moment to potential customers .

Then we have the course on problem solving . This is something that everyone does everyday . Its now considered a life skill and its of great importance that it can make or break an organization .  From the simple small problem to the very large and  complex issues such as business models and strategies needs to be clearly understood before a solution can be recognized . The fast paced technological changes that is happening today can render a model obsolete  almost overnight . In the area of fierce market competition , it is vital that organization recognize the threat early and  react to such changes quickly .

Last in about Internet marketing . The Internet is here to stay and it is important to know how we can tap into this new frontier to enhance and provide opportunities to organizations and individuals . The internet has allowed many aspiring entrepreneurs to start up their business on the net with low capital outlay and low risk . The internet marketing course provide basic understanding and theory but focus mainly on  hands-on practical work that is crucial to participants .

These are the few courses that we have at the moment . We will introduce more along the way . If there is anything you might want to know or ask ,  just drop us an email via the contact form and we will see what we can do to assist you .

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