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Internet Marketing | The reality about internet marketing

It’s that time of the year again where so many Internet Marketing gurus trying to woo participants to take up their courses and workshops , at the same time selling their systems . Well folks , just be careful before you sign up for these courses because there are a lot of scams out there  . So here is a gentle reminder again which i think is a good self check .

  • Is the offer too good to be true ? Think about it …  those scam artists and what they do
  • Check with your friends who has attended the course and get their feedback if he/she has gotten back the ROI

Enough said , so let me share some personal experience

Internet marketing | 95% internet marketers will fail

In any business , if all else remains equal , 95% will fail and only 5% will survive . How can a system be sustainable if it is so simple and easy ? Market forces work in such a way that it will not allow this to happen  . Just like bubble tea a couple of years ago . The craze hit Singapore and everyone was selling them . Today , majority lost money and leaving a few players left . Players who has deep pockets , other sources of revenue or are very unique in the way they run their business , survived . The reality is that the market cannot sustain so many of these vendors  and therefore in many businesses , only  5% will made it .

Of course there are many who attended the course and workshop , and after that did nothing . Of course don’t expect something out of nothing . This will be the 1st group that will fall off . The group that proceed to do and get their hands dirty  ,  will find that the going is very tough . Expect n0 revenue or earning for the next 6 months minimum . Some will start falling off along the way . Some sooner , some later as one will realise that even internet marketing gurus spend a lot of their time and effort actually behind the scene ,  but on the front , they talk about passive income , spend very little time and so forth ,  which is actually … not true . Interestingly these 5% that made it ,  is also very different . Its just that they appear normal on the outside , but on the inside its significantly different from the rest (95%) .  Let me share some experiences

Internet marketing | Ready stream of customers

Some has a shop front and already have existing and ready customers . So getting into Internet marketing simply opens up more doors . Do they have to depend on internet marketing to survive ? Not really but if it opens up new customers , its an added advantage . So they can survive with or without internet marketing . If you already have a  brand name or following , then Internet Marketing is just another channel to market your products .

Internet Marketing | Doing things differently

There is another guy that we came across and he does business on Amazon only . He has so many “registered accounts” and has many friends . So when he launch his products , he literally will use his “registered accounts” and his friend to buy his own products and having them to write good reviews . The strategy is  , on the day of launch , the products will have massive volumes and a lot of good reviews taking the product to the 1st page and this is a very important  objective . Once the product sticks on the 1st page , it will remain there for a very long time . Of course Amazon will take a cut on sales  , and he lose a little since he is also sponsoring his friends to purchase and write reviews  . This product may be a simple e-book which may cost US$2.00 to download . As the strategy unfold , the 1st e-book will reference to a better 2nd or 3rd e-book which is what the vendor is targeting at   , which may cost US$10.00 or so . Normal internet marketers will not do something like this and like i have said , these 5% are very different and that is why they survive . One thing for real , product has to be good , else it cannot sustain over the longer term .

Internet marketing | Things changes all the time

The landscape in internet marketing changes all the time as new competitors comes on board and older ones make way for the newer ones .  So when someone offer to show and tell you his strategies , it is probably time to get rid of the “old” ways of doing things as most probably the vendor has already knew that new and effective strategies are coming on board and the best way to make 1 last final profit would be to sell his  ideas and methods before he call it quits . If a business is like a goose with the golden eggs , why would anyone wants to sell the goose away ?

Internet Marketing | What have you got to offer ?

Am i making sense so far ? If you are new , it will be very tough . Yes there is a lot of information on the internet , but a lot of them is obsolete or untrue .  If you have a steady job and thinking that Internet Marketing is about passive income , don’t have to do much , then don’t expect it to survive , because market forces , especially those that are really hungry ,  will make your site obsolete . The market don’t reward easy  stuff or stuff that require  minimum effort . This is the reality . There are a lot of folks who are willing to work harder and putting in more effort , so how can these folks lose to those who put in less , if all else remains equal ?

Now that i have put you in the right perspective and you still want to attend an internet marketing workshop , because you are a newbie or want to know more , then go on to  sign up [here] . Internet Marketing is not meant for everyone especially those who thinks that not much effort or work is required .

internet marketing

Internet Marketing Plugins

In the last 2 months , there are some pretty cool internet marketing plugins that you can use for Internet Marketing . Here are some of them

Internet Marketing plugins | Social Plugins

Internet Marketing pluginsThe “vote” from the social media , such as facebook , twitter , G+ , is the voice to google in regards to the popularity of a particular website . So it is very important for a website to be able to attract traffic from the social media . This in turn also help in Internet marketing effort . There are a few internet marketing plugins to help track social media involvement .

1. getsocial plugin

You will realise that there are many website today that have this small side bar on the left  of a website . To get this plugin , simply search for “getsocial” for this plugin and then configure it to display whatever social media that is needed . metrics plugin

To track how well are the different sources of traffic from the various social media , search for this free plugin “social metrics” and install it . This plugin gives various color codes to the different social media traffic to your websites . There is a paid upgrade version called social metrics pro , if you want to have it , but i think for the moment the free version is more than adequate for Internet marketing .

Internet Marketing plugins | on page SEO plugin

For those who need an on-page SEO , there is a free internet marketing plugin available . Simply search for “WordPress SEO by Yoast” . Once installed the plugin , simply follow the instructions when doing a post or page . Of course , this free version may not be as good as the other paid plugins that i am aware of , but hey …. its free !!

Internet Marketing plugins | E-commerce plugins

Some Internet Marketing may require website setup which needed e-commerce where we need to sell items or thing . These websites will require shopping cart , payment methods , accounts for clients , shipping and of course the items , pricing , inventory controls , etc . There will be some complications when setting up such sites using freebies available on the internet , unless one knows coding to integrate them correctly .

I played with such 2 such internet marketing plugins , e-commerce and jigoshop . The best part is majority of the free available workdpress themes will not work for these 2 plugins unless minor “tweak” is done to the codes . But anyway , my personal assessment is jigoshop has great features and allows relatively easy setup . E-commerce seems to have alot more features but a little bit more complicated than jigoshop . Jigoshop works with these 2 wordpress themes , Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven according to some sources .  I tried with many other wordpress themes with jigoshop plugin but i got into complications . I finally settled with Twenty Eleven wordpress themes . So far so good . You can refer to the unfinished website www.BestArtforSale,net to view .

Though i did not try out e-commerce internet marketing plugins with success , there is one thing good about this e-commerce plugin , which is ,  it integrates with the “all in one SEO” . Sad that i did not manage to try it out . That’s all for Internet Marketing plugins this week









Internet Marketing | My story

Internet Marketing

I used to meet up with a group of  up and coming new entrepreneurs every Thursday of the month and in one of the sessions , there was this person who told me that his business model does not require him to interact with a customer nor a vendor .  He does  not need to meet or even made a single call to anyone . Out of curiosity , i began this  journey ….. called  Internet Marketing


Internet Marketing | What is the problem ?

The first thing i did was to look up on the internet about Internet Marketing . Lucky me , there are many free on-line courses available . I tried to learn as much as i possibly could , but I soon realise that  a lot of them are no longer true or valid due to rapid  changes that is happening   in the internet world . Furthermore , the problems that I encounter when I try out the methods is simply too many and too huge to be resolved alone .

I tried the next best option which is getting myself enrolled in an Internet Marketing  course . I did a  quick check with my fellow friends who has attended the course . I found out that these courses are not cheap .  I also found out that the success rate is terribly low , between 1% to 5% only . You see , most participants of the course   did not do anything after the end of the course , or had too many problems ,  one after another , which they cannot resolve and therefore unable to move to the next stage .  They have no one to turn to after the course , for their trainers are too busy doing their next course or holidaying somewhere in the pacific ocean . Whatever it is , this is where the problems lie

  • There are plenty of Internet marketing scams out there . They charge you a bomb on something that is readily available in the internet . We just need to look a little harder for the information or having someone to point us in the right direction .
  • Most trainers may not know the subject matter well enough to even answer the questions you have . With the rapid changes in the internet , chances are they are also out of touch with reality . They have  no idea why some software no longer works .
  • Most trainers are unlike the teachers that you see in schools . Most of them are out to “milk” you . Before you earn your first dollar  after the first training , they would want you to attend their advance training . The only reason why they need you is because they have not earned enough from you . As teachers , you would not want your students to try “A” levels when they have not passed their “o” levels , wouldn’t you . So what kind of trainers are these ? You question their motive .

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William Arthur Ward quotes …..

The mediocre teacher tells .

The good teacher explains .

The superior teacher demonstrates .

The great teacher inspires


Internet Marketing | What can one do ?

You can certainly do what I did by checking with your trustworthy friends who has attended the very course . Get his/her feedback before enrolling for the course .

  • Check with your friends if they are still into Internet marketing . If they are not , why not ?
  • Ask if   the course meet his/her original objectives .
  • Find out if   the course really worth the value that he /she has  paid for   .
  • Did the course generate the  pay back required  ?  If it did not ,  why not ?

These are very , very important questions that will help you form your own conclusions and eventually , your decisions

Internet Marketing | The Final verdict

Internet marketingDo your own research and don’t believe anyone who wants you to part with your hard earned money  unless he or she is a friend that you trust dearly   .  Don’t even believe what we have mentioned here . Trust your own research and do your own separate and independent  analysis .

If you have finally decided to go for the course , look for credible trainers who put students first and not money . This clarify the intent and motive of the trainers .   Also not forgetting post-course support for you will need them .

So look for trainers who has the passion , willingness to always lend a helping hand and eventually becoming your friend . To  a teacher , every student’s  success matters … the same thing goes for internet marketing

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