Internet Marketing 1 Day workshop

The Internet Marketing 1 day workshop is to provide an overview of Internet Marketing . Though targeted on participants who are relatively new to Internet Marketing  , this workshop focus primarily on the practical aspect of creating a website and then getting the web site ranked . The theory will be left to the participants to read them during their leisure time .

This is a basic Internet Marketing workshop . In this 1 day workshop , participants will  learn

  • a new skill
  • how to create websites  for business
  • how to setup your very own on-line business and be their own boss
  • how to improve the website ranking

Internet marketing courses


Internet Marketing 1 day workshop | Course outline

This practical 1 day workshop  involves a lot of direct hands-on . The main focus of the workshop is to  equipped participants with the exact know-how needed to setup a website  quickly .   This Internet Marketing 1 day workshop  comprise of the following sections and topics

  • Section 1 : Introduction to Internet Marketing
  • Section 2 : Overview of keyword research
  • Section 3 : Domains and hosting
  • Section 4 : Web site creation

Types of plugins required
Web site creation
Create posting and various pages including sub pages .
Adding images , photographs and videos
Create links to other pages and external
Use of menus and widgets

  • Section 5 : Improving site ranking – On Page and Off Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , Backlinks


Internet marketing courses

Internet Marketing 1 day workshop| Who should attend ?

This Internet Marketing 1 day workshop  is for anyone

  • who wants to know and learn  how to setup a website
  • who wants to be their own boss in  setting up an on-line business
  • who wants to earn some pocket money as a  2nd source of income
  • who wants to know what is required for web site to be ranked


internet marketing courses

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