Internet Marketing | Attractiveness

Internet Marketing  | Why this course ?

Internet marketingWhy internet marketing in the first place ? If you have read my post ,  I  got involved because I was curious as to what kind of a business model that you can engage in that does not require you to meet or talk to anyone . Now that i know , look at the advantages and possible risks involved in internet marketing

Internet Marketing  | Benefits

The advantages of Internet marketing depending on the various business models has the following

  • Low capital outlay and  low risks (No physical  office space or rental , you won’t lose all your savings)
  • Very little or No inventory required
  • Can operate anywhere in the world (as long you have a notebook and internet access)
  • Flexible time . No fix working hours . No duration
  • You are your own boss .(You manage your  time , your plans  and your execution)
  • Don’t even need to see customers or meet vendors  .
  • No presentation , no phone calls  , no talk
  • Scalability (Duplicate and expand)
  • You don’t even need to exist for the business to run . Its auto pilot

Internet Marketing  | Risks

Now , let’s look at the disadvantages and risks .

  • Things change all the time . Need to constantly updated on new things that is more efficient and productive
  • Face different kinds of challenges all the time due to frequent changes in the environment . The good thing is change for the better but it can also cause obsolescence
  • Spending too much time on the computer may not be too good for the eyes
  • Lots of time . What to do with them ? Well you can always find ways and means to do something about the extra time

One of the biggest problem is that the Internet World is full of scams . You will hear claims from others who made a lot of money with their on-line home business or someone who left their job because they found a constant stream of income making money online . I am sure there are some who scored some success just like any other business  , where the majority will not make make but some small percentage is sable to find their own niche . Its the same with Internet Marketing

Now that you know a little about about internet marketing , do your own research .  Don’t take our words for it . Ask around . Ask your friends or  colleagues . If you are really interested in enrolling in an Internet Marketing course , look for trainers who are genuinely interested in making you successful . We truly believe that a dedicated and passionate teacher , and a willing student  is a very deadly combination … that’s who we are !!

Internet Marketing | Who should attend ?

This Internet Marketing course is not going to make you rich  but the course is for anyone

  • who wants to know how to setup a website  either for themselves or for their own  business
  • who wants to earn some pocket money or 2nd income
  • who wants to be their own boss ,  learning and making money on-line
  • who wants to know how to get to improve their website ranking on Google


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