Internet Marketing Plugins

In the last 2 months , there are some pretty cool internet marketing plugins that you can use for Internet Marketing . Here are some of them

Internet Marketing plugins | Social Plugins

Internet Marketing pluginsThe “vote” from the social media , such as facebook , twitter , G+ , is the voice to google in regards to the popularity of a particular website . So it is very important for a website to be able to attract traffic from the social media . This in turn also help in Internet marketing effort . There are a few internet marketing plugins to help track social media involvement .

1. getsocial plugin

You will realise that there are many website today that have this small side bar on the left  of a website . To get this plugin , simply search for “getsocial” for this plugin and then configure it to display whatever social media that is needed . metrics plugin

To track how well are the different sources of traffic from the various social media , search for this free plugin “social metrics” and install it . This plugin gives various color codes to the different social media traffic to your websites . There is a paid upgrade version called social metrics pro , if you want to have it , but i think for the moment the free version is more than adequate for Internet marketing .

Internet Marketing plugins | on page SEO plugin

For those who need an on-page SEO , there is a free internet marketing plugin available . Simply search for “WordPress SEO by Yoast” . Once installed the plugin , simply follow the instructions when doing a post or page . Of course , this free version may not be as good as the other paid plugins that i am aware of , but hey …. its free !!

Internet Marketing plugins | E-commerce plugins

Some Internet Marketing may require website setup which needed e-commerce where we need to sell items or thing . These websites will require shopping cart , payment methods , accounts for clients , shipping and of course the items , pricing , inventory controls , etc . There will be some complications when setting up such sites using freebies available on the internet , unless one knows coding to integrate them correctly .

I played with such 2 such internet marketing plugins , e-commerce and jigoshop . The best part is majority of the free available workdpress themes will not work for these 2 plugins unless minor “tweak” is done to the codes . But anyway , my personal assessment is jigoshop has great features and allows relatively easy setup . E-commerce seems to have alot more features but a little bit more complicated than jigoshop . Jigoshop works with these 2 wordpress themes , Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven according to some sources .  I tried with many other wordpress themes with jigoshop plugin but i got into complications . I finally settled with Twenty Eleven wordpress themes . So far so good . You can refer to the unfinished website www.BestArtforSale,net to view .

Though i did not try out e-commerce internet marketing plugins with success , there is one thing good about this e-commerce plugin , which is ,  it integrates with the “all in one SEO” . Sad that i did not manage to try it out . That’s all for Internet Marketing plugins this week









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