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networking courseNetworking Course | Networking for Success

This networking course is a 2 day course . In this networking course , participants will realize that networking  is more than just having many friends and socializing with them. It is a critical skill needed  to get ahead.  In this networking course , participants will learn what they need to do to network effectively.

Networking Course | Objectives

The overall objective of the program is simple – at the end of it, the participants should be able to network more effectively and derive maximum benefits from the process.  More specifically, they should:

  •  Appreciate the importance and “power” of networking in the world of work / business today
  • Appreciate that networking is more than just socializing and making friends – it is a very systematic process, the art of which needs to be learned


  • Know what they have to do to build and maintain an effective network which they can use to help them achieve their business and personal goals
  • Learn how to use their network properly and create win-win situations for everyone

Networking course | Course Outline

This networking course  content is as follows ;

  • Client relationship building and management

-     an organizational process – a business strategy
-     a personal activity

  •  Client relationship building and management – why important – why you should do it
  •  Relationship building and management – the way to sell
  •  Relationship building and management for effective networking
  •  Networking – why it is the number one business building tool today
  •  The networking process

-       creating / building the network
-       maintaining the network
-       using the network

  • Establishing a relationship

-      making / establishing contact – where and how
-      building rapport
-      selling yourself

  • Building and maintaining the relationship

-      keeping in touch – methods of
-      building confidence and trust
-      creating “obligations” and returning “favours” – creating win-win situations
-      developing a system / schedule to do so

  • Observing basic social etiquette – recognizing “taboos”


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