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What is the difference between networking and socializing ? Socializing means to interact and mingle with others while networking refers to  the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions;  with the objective of  cultivating a productive relationships for employment or business . Because there is an objective , there is a system and a structure in networking , unlike socializing .

Networking | Your network is your net-worth

We socialize because people are social animals . However  in business , it is very important to network  because your network is your net-worth . It is important to know and be connected to the right people who may open door of opportunities to business which is extremely important . So how do we go about doing it ? People can buy products , information can be source  but relationship needs to be nurtured . And what is in a relationship ? It is about trust , integrity and credibility . If you were to buy a product , wouldn’t you buy a product from someone you know ,  trust and rely on if all else being equal , assuming ?

Networking | It is not about who you know

Actually , in networking ,  it is not about who you know . Who you know is just the first step . More important is whether they know you !! So how does one get someone else to know you , or for that matter remember you ? What  do we have in us that will allow us to be remembered by someone and how do we start and build this relationship that will benefit both eventually ? So we need to establish a method , a process and a system to accomplish this .

Very often this starts by us giving and sharing information that will truly benefit the other party . This can be a business lead , a referral , a tip or lending our core competencies for free . The intent is to make ourselves available to others and of importance over time . Its basically depositing and building our emotional bank account . There will be times when we need to make small  withdrawals .

Networking | Your investment

Most of us spent our time with work and family , leaving very little time to even socialize , not to mention networking . When we socialize or network , its basically with customers and vendors from the same industries . Whenever an industry is affected by some economic events , we realize that our network with people from other industry is very limited . That put us in a very severe disadvantage .

Lets ask ourselves 3 basic questions

  1. Do we agree that  networking is  important ? When was the last time we really network ? Do we know how and was it effective ?
  2. What is the most important investment in  business ? People ? Actually it is YOU !
  3. When was the last time you really invest in yourself ?

In any company , people is the most important asset . In today’s business world , having the technical and core skill is not enough . We need to be equipped with other business skills that we can use and help our very own organization , which in turn sees value in us . So go enroll in courses that will enhance your value and asset , and networking skills is one of the most important business skill that everyone should learn to acquire


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