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WebsiteIn today’s internet world , every business must have a web site for on line presence . The internet is here to stay and here will be increasing business activities with customers and consumers over the internet . There are so many on-line transactions daily and this opportunity cannot be ignored . So make your presence felt on the internet .

Website | Affordable On line setup

We can assist any business owner to setup a website for their business (except for those requiring an e-commerce website ) at a very affordable rate at only SGD250.00 per year . This SGD250.00 package includes the following

  • Web design with a standard template with CMS
  • more than 500 design templates to choose from
  • 1 year free hosting
  • First post support (with text to be provided by client)
  • 4 Pages support (inclusive of About us , Contact us , FAQ , etc with text to be provided by clients)
  • Featured photographs (to be provided by clients)
  • 2 emails
  • Basic training to clients (how to perform editing and posting)

(the package exclude domain registration which will be borned by clients)


Website | Not all website setup and offer is the same

  • We offer CMs and not HTML .
  • Easy updating , posting and maintenance
  • Greater flexibility , capability and efficiency in website  management.
  • High up-time and reliability of > 99.9%
  • standard web design templates of more than 500 to choose from
  • Quick turn around time

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