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Visual Problem Solving Course | The Back of the Napkin

Visual problem solving courseUnlike other Problem Solving course , the course that we introduce involve Visual , called Visual problem solving  . The concepts and methodologies are from the author (Dan Roam) of this famous book titled “The Back of the Napkin” . You do not have to be a visual person in order to grasp the concepts of visual thinking . All that is required are drawing of simple pictures such as  squares , circles , rectangles  and triangles .

In  2008 , this book , “The Back of the Napkin” was

  • rated as the best innovative and design book by Businessweek
  • the # 4 best seller in Amazon
  • the Best seller in South Korea , Japan and China

As majority of problem solving involve the left brain , “the back of the napkin” through the use of simple pictures tapped into both the left and right brain to solve problems .

Visual Problem Solving Course | Visual thinking

This is a very special 2 day visual problem solving course, licensed from the United States  . We have 2 days to think differently  .

Problem solving courseWe can solve problems with pictures , using our already available innate skills  . Visual thinking is about using our innate ability to see, both, with our eyes and our mind’s eye, to discover previously invisible ideas, develop those ideas in a rapid and intuitive way, and then share those ideas with other people .

This visual problem solving course ,  is a very interactive course and a high level of participation is expected from all members . Participants will learn through short lectures, hands-on exercises, live study cases, group discussions and experience sharing, presentations and feedback.


Visual Problem Solving Course | Objectives 

At the end of the 2 day visual problem solving course , participants would have achieved and accomplished the following

  • A visual thinking toolkit that is available at any time for problem solving
  • The ability  to gather  information  and sort them according to the appropriate coordinates
  • A systematic process and methodology to break the problems into smaller pieces for analysis
  • The ability to generate a lot more ideas , proposals and recommendations to a problem

Visual Problem Solving Course | Course outline

Introduction to Visual Thinking  and our built-in tools

• The Visual Thinking Toolkit – What does it contain

• Using our Built-in Tools

– The eyes

– The mind’s eye

– The hands & eyes

Visual Problem solving course | the 4 processes

The visual problem solving course will introduce the 4 processes involved , namely , the Look , the See , the Imagine and lastly the Show .

Visual Problem solving





Process 1 :  Look

– “Whoever is best able …. is the person most likely to solve it.”

– “Whoever draws the best picture …”

– Active looking: The Four Rules

 Process 2 : See

– “We can’t solve a problem we can’t see ….”

– The 6×6 Rule of seeing

- Which problem?

- Which picture?

- The right picture for any problem

 Process 3 : Imagine

- “Those who see the possibilities, win”

-Meet the SQVID

- Exploring the breadth of an idea

- Practical lessons in applied visual imagination.

Process 4 : Show

- “The more human the picture…”

- Why seeing is believing

- Putting it together

- Drawing conclusions


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