Problem solving | Data , root cause analysis and ideas

In the problem solving process , we look into whatever data that has been collected or available to date  . The objective of this process steps is to determine some form of relationship of the available data . Relationship can be established if a certain coordinate can be found to show that relationship .

Problem solving | Understand current situation

In problem solving this  basically means gathering whatever data that is available and lay them out . Once we have lay them out for all the team members to see , the next step is to find some commonality so that we can group or categorize them to see if the data makes sense . Several methods can be employed to achieve this .

1. Affinity diagrams

2. Fish bone diagram with groups such as  man , machine , material , methods and so forth

3. Is and is NOT analysis

Problem solving | Root cause analysis

In this problem solving steps , we have to determine the cause and effect or establish  some meaningful relationship involving the parameters that we have collected . If we cannot find a relationship , then we need to collect more data , else we cannot proceed to the next phase or steps . Establishing relationship would mean finding the right “coordinates” that best represent the data collected . Coordinates can be in a form of  a map , graphs , charts (bar charts , organization charts)  , time line or even a flow chart . Several methods can be used to determine this such as

1. The cause and effect

2. Mind mapping

3. The 5 Ws and 1 H (The Who/What , where , when , where , why and How) . Also known as the 5 wives and 1 husband

Problem solving | Generating ideas

Once we have determine the relationship , we need to generate many ideas so that we have options to choose the different ideas that would solve the problem . So how do we generate ideas and how do we choose them ? Let’s assume that our problem statement is something like this “Oil splash and dirty my clothes while cooking” . Let’s explore some solutions to this

a. We can turn down the flame smaller so that oil do not splash .

b. We can use a apron

c. We may install a glass in front to protect us from the oil .

In problem solving , it is very important to be able to generate as many ideas or possible solutions to the problems . This will allow us to choose base on different set of criteria such as budget , time and other constraints that may hinder implementation plans  . So generate as many ideas as possible for problem solving




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