Problem solving | Evaluation , Selection , Implementation

In this problem solving process , we will explore how we evaluate   the various alternatives , select  them  and then implement the solutions .

Problem solving | Evaluation and selection of alternatives

We probably would have a set of ideas or possible solutions to the problem at this stage . As some of them possible solutions are just hypothesis and may not work , then we may evaluate our alternatives base on the supporting evidences . Say hypothesis 1 is supported by 90% of the existing data versus hypothesis 2 which has only 50% of supporting data . In this instance we base our  criteria  on the supporting evidences which provides us the level of confidence of a particular option or alternatives  . There  may be other criteria that may need to consider . They can be base on the following

a. Effectiveness

b. Budget (Cost) , time and effort required .

c. Feasibility and practicality

In problem solving , depending upon the severity of the problems , the solutions chosen may be different . If it is so serious that  customer may initiate actions to cancel an entire contract  , for example , then an immediate action is needed (Time is important) over many other things . So do choose an appropriate criteria in selecting the measures needed to problem solving

Problem solving | Implementation

Once we have determine which alternatives is still within our budget and time frame , we will proceed to implement the solution on a small scale to confirm the results . Depending on the results , we may or may not choose the next best alternatives to explore . Once results matches expectation , then we can proceed to full phase implementation

Problem Solving | Tracking of progress

In the implementation phase , there is a need to put up a plan so that it has time-line and  milestones with the resources and responsibilities well defined . In it also important to track progress and the expected results during this phase as part of the problem solving process

problem solving

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