Problem Solving | Visual thinking

Problem Solving | Why visual thinking  ?

Problem solvingEver heard of problem solving through visual thinking or through the use of simple  pictures  ?

If your answer is NO , you are not alone . We all know that a picture paints a thousand words . We also know that seeing is believing . That is how powerful image is to our brains . Now ,  we are happy to show and to tell you that we can solve  problems , in fact any problems with pictures !!

We solve problems using our already available innate skills  . Visual thinking is about using our innate ability to see, both, with our eyes and our mind’s eye, to discover previously invisible ideas, develop those ideas in a rapid and intuitive way, and then share those ideas with other people .

In any  problem  solving , the problem can be made clearer with a picture, and any picture can be created using a set of tools and the rules for its use.  Do  not worry about the pictures . If you can draw simple squares , rectangles and circles , then you can draw simple pictures to show your problems and ideas to others .

Problem solving | Visual thinking Toolkit

visual thinkingIn problem solving through visual thinking , we make use of a very powerful toolkit from the “ The Back of The Napkin” by Dan Roam . This visual thinking toolkit is actually the multi-bladed  “swiss army” knife .  We will learn how  to use this  Visual Problem solving toolkit , to  look at problems and their solutions . As we share the problems through simple pictures with others , then as a group, we’ll learn how visual thinking provides a simple and powerful way to solve problems  , any problems ,  including business problems

 Problem solving | Visual thinking Benefits

In “the back of the napkin” , one  will get to learn a whole new way of looking at business problems more quickly, understanding them more intuitively, addressing them more confidently, and conveying results to others more rapidly .

• Learn to solve problems with simple pictures

• Learn how to think visually

- how to look better

- how to see sharper and clearer

- how to imagine further

- how to show newly discovered ideas.

Problem Solving | Who should employ visual thinking

The use of Visual thinking  is for  anyone who face a problem (any problems) and wanting  to find many other alternatives and options to solve it. If we brainstorm, innovate, plan, design, sell, manage, communicate, lead … we will benefit from the lessons of visual thinking. Whether you can draw or not , don’t worry, because this is not a drawing or art class . All that  is needed are relatively simple drawings such as a rectangles , squares and circles .

If you’d like to improve your ability to look at problems, see patterns, imagine solutions, and then show those solutions to others, you will benefit greatly from this course .




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