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wow it works

There is a new training program in town and its called WOW it WORKS .  This program is for children age between 5 to 12 years old . Its an enrichment program but unlike other programs , it actually get children to design and build meaningful models that represent the real world . The whole idea is get children after learning and understanding what is being taught , is to get them to apply it . It is through the application of knowledge where children get to really grasp the understanding of the knowledge and what  it can do and cannot do .

wow it works | what is it about ?

Through the design and build , children will have to overcome some natural obstacles . Children will have to think how to overcome them in order to get their design to work . So children get the opportunity to think not just alone but with the other team members , just like problem solving in teams . Through this wow it works program , children get to

  • play and learn at the same time
  • discover how things work
  • apply what they learn by designing and building their own models
  • think and try
  • interact with others in teams

Wow it works | Its about hands on and experiencing it

How is this wow it works program different ? In many programs , we hear , we see but we never get a chance to experience how to actually do it . A teacher may teach us about science and we get  to see it . And that’s probably it . But if we are allowed to demonstrate for ourselves and play with it , we probably learn a great deal more . And this is what wow it works program is trying to achieve . Another major difference is that it is not just about Science . It is more than just Science . Its about Science in totality , combine with Maths , technology and applications . When there is a need to design and build something , it is not just 1 single science activity that is at work . Say , we want to design a simple structure with a certain height … we definitely need to

  • know a little about material science   ,
  • know how to put the parts together
  • know about stability and equilibrium
  • know about shapes and geometries .

 wow it works | In summary

The wow it works program is a wonderful program for children where children are given the opportunity to design and build meaningful models that mimic the actual thing itself  . This hands on activities will help children to reinforce what is being taught . Its like swimming lessons where the children really need to hit the pool and try it out themselves get to know what swimming is all about .

For more information about wow it works program ,go to this website


wow it works

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