Training courses in Singapore

What is training courses in Singapore about ?

Training courses in Singapore is about a group of trainers providing specialized , focused , targeted and relevant training to both organizations and the general public  .  These courses are actually short term courses that are specially chosen and selected so that  participants stay relevant and enjoy better employability , in the ever changing market environment   .

Training courses in Singapore | Technical skill alone is not enough

In training courses in Singapore , while we understand the importance of technical and core skills  , this alone is not enough . Employers today scout potential candidates that adds value to the organization , for almost everyone has the same technical competencies . So candidates need to have more than just technical skills .  Though Singapore continue to enjoy low unemployment rate , the reality is that the speed of change is so fast and brutal that in the not so distant future , we may have to accept the reality that retrenchment will be  a norm . Take for example Kodak , Yahoo or even the hand-phone maker , Nokia who , just 5 years ago were the technological driver and market leader . Today , in business , it is not about the biggest and largest corporations , but staying relevant to the market is key .

Training courses in Singapore | Singapore’s reputation  in education

Training courses in singaporeWe purposely incorporate  Singapore into training courses in Singapore . Reason is very simple . Singapore has a great reputation as an education hub especially for tertiary education .  The 2 locals universities , National University of Singapore (rank 40) and Nanyang Technological University (rank 169) are among the world’s best  today   [see report] .

There are a few other universities being setup over the last few years , some with foreign universities tie-up such as Digipen of  the United States .  In fact , there are so many universities in Singapore and she offers a large varieties of courses and options in such a small little country , with a population of just 5M people . Singapore has somehow become an education hub in Asia .

Tertiary education aside , in primary education , Singapore has shown tremendous success in the areas of  Science and Mathematics . Today , Singapore Mathematics teaching methodology  has become so popular  in many countries . So indeed , Singapore has a good reputation when it comes to education and training .

Training courses in Singapore | Why Now ?

The arrival on the internet and the education system and structure has a lot to do with this now more than ever . The growth of the internet has certainly made the world smaller and information is readily shared and available around the globe . Our students today , does not like to sit in front of a classroom and bored with what they are forced to learn . They want to learn things that are of interest to them and they don’t like to be forced to learn a certain subject that don’t like  . But our education system are still basically “forced” type , and what has happen is that students starts looking for subjects or topics that are of interest to them on the internet . But the internet does not provide all the required information . Some may be scattered everywhere but some maybe insanely flawed or inaccurate  .

Training courses in Singapore attempt to consolidate information that is vital and key for a particular subject matter which are of interest to the candidates  , public at large or even organizations . Instead of getting information that may no longer be valid , inaccurate or not available at all , the trainers who has been in the industry is able to share and impart this knowledge accurately . Its about the value that we bring to the participants

Another reason is the speed of change . The technological changes and the flexibility to incorporate those changes are key to survival . If organization cannot change fast enough , there will be serious consequences . So many companies come and go , and we certainly want our participants to be able to stay relevant and having a better chance of employability when they needed it most .

Training courses in Singapore | So How ?

As mentioned earlier , training courses in Singapore only focus on a certain skill set , and at the moment , they are as follows

  • Internet marketing . This will allow participants to generate some passive or secondary income . The course will train participants how to set up an on-line business , as well as marketing and promoting products on-line . The internet is here to stay and this business model does not involve high lay out cost with very little business risk
  • Problem solving . This is a life skill since we do problem solving everyday . It’s a matter of whether it is a small , medium or large problems that we are solving .  It is very important to be able to generate good and effective solutions to problems
  • Networking skills . This is one of the most important business skill that will come in handy at times of need , provided that we have “invest” enough of our “core competencies” to others . This is different from socializing as networking skills has a structure , system and objectives unlike socializing . Its not about just “who you know” but also “who knows you”
  • Public speaking skills . This is very important for key position in management other than sales & marketing personnel . It is of paramount importance to be able to speak  accurately and confidently .   The ability to influence ,  drive emotions and rally support is key

Training courses in Singapore | Summary

In a nutshell , the courses that we provide are short term courses . In training courses in Singapore, we  focus on life and business skills that would allow participants to stay relevant and have a better  employability capability  assuming that they already have the technical and core competencies   skills required .

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